Hi! i'm Jameela (Otherwise known as Jam)

Thank for your interest in my work and welcome! As a mother, I get to experience first-hand my kids' ever-changing features, blossoming personalities, and the beauty in their infinite expressions. I’m amazed at how quickly these little people change and grow, and I’m so grateful to be able to capture as many of these moments as possible. Their infancy stages now seem like a very distant memory even though it really wasn't that long ago. As I look back at their newborn photo sessions, I’ve come to the realization that these portraits are even more special to me than I could have imagined. My children taught me the most important lesson about photography: The value of a meaningful and beautiful image of your child grows exponentially over time. It never stops. It’s a moment that’s gone, but a memory that you get to keep forever. This is exactly what I hope to give each of my clients. I want you to be able to hold onto tiny glimpses of your children growing up. It's these seemingly ordinary instances that will ultimately become some of your most treasured memories. Please explore my site and if my work speaks to you, I would love for you to contact me to discuss a custom portrait experience for your family.

The in-home studio

The In-Home Studio is conveniently located within 10 minutes of Southgate Station (Piccadilly Line) Free on-site parking is available. We are located on the second floor with no lift. Access is via three stair cases compromising of 13:7:7 steps with a landing in between.