In hospital newborn session

I ADORE these sessions. They are RAW REAL and AUTHENTIC

These are short, documentary style sessions that aim at ‘capturing’ this special moment in time for you to always treasure. They focus on the hospital setting, the iconic blankets, bassinets and tags to really document the experience.

I remember when I had my babies, there was so much going on and everything was so new and you are so wrapped up in equal measures of love, wonder and sleep deprivation, its so hard to soak everything in.

I know it can feel like an intrusion having a ‘stranger’ in your sacred space, but I promise I will be quick and un-intrusive and once you have your images you will never regret it.
The time in hospital is so special, those early days when its just your family. I remember leaving the hospital and felt like someone popped a pin in my bubble and all of sudden I had to walk out into the ‘real’ world. To have these memories of this time, these early days with your new baby before you have ‘stepped out’ into the real world is priceless.